A Fitness Bike For The Living Room


Indoor cycling is more popular than ever. In most gyms indoor cycling, also called “spinning”, is already a regular fixture of the course program. Many studios have their own space for indoor cycling classes and many machines are permanently installed. But thanks to their increasing popularity there are fitness bikes available even for the living room. But what exactly is indoor cycling? And what is the difference compared to stationary bike cycling?

Previously, indoor cycling bikes were for performance training only, used in the field of professional and competitive sports. Today, this fitness program is very popular among women because it not only trains the entire body, but is particularly effective in the fight against those annoying “love handles”. Due to the design of indoor bikes, unlike stationary bikes, the power transmission is better and the movements are rounder and smoother.

When cycling through the city you’ll encounter sloping walkways or other similar types of rolling phases during which you don’t pedal. These phases represent about ten to 15 percent of the total distance. They are omitted in indoor cycling, therefore the basic training intensity is higher. Because of this, you will burn about 400 to 600 calories per hour. The amount varies, however, depending on exercise intensity. Those who stay more in the low range of pedaling intensity will burn fewer calories than those who go all out.

Indoor cycling as a full body workout

For indoor cycling enthusiasts, it’s important not to pick the wrong machine. You should definitely gather as much information in advance about the technical aspects of the equipment and accessories, as well as warranty information.

For both beginners and advanced the Indoor Cycle Speed ​​Bike CRS by Finnlo is a perfect choice. It not only has a very sturdy frame, its 25 kg flywheel also ensures that you can enjoy the highest training comfort with maximum efficiency. Saddle and handlebars are multi-adjustable and thanks to the supplied water bottle, you won’t have to reach far for a drink.

Those who consider themselves true professionals of indoor cycling should also take a look at the Indoor Cycle Speed ​​Bike CRT. Thanks to the SPD-Click system, you can train at home with professional bicycle racing shoes and the built-in LCD display keeps you informed during your workout of all the important health stats,  such as your pulse and heart rate.

Conclusion: Whether you prefer the convenience of being at home or you want the benefit of cycling even when the weather’s not ideal, the indoor bike offers a nice alternative. When training with an individual fitness program for burning calories and cardiovascular exercise, nothing beats it.