HIIT vs. LiSS – Which is Better?


HIIT (high intensity interval training), as the name implies, is a simple, high-intensity training principle. It consists of short, high intensity sprints associated with moderate reps. A HIIT session might look like this: A 60-second sprint at full speed is followed by a 3 minute recovery period of ligt jogging or walking. Once the pulse is returned to the normal range it’s time to sprint again, and so on. One session is about 20 minutes.

LiSS (low intensity steady state training) is a training principle that consists of a steady to moderate cardio workout. In this case, the intensity should be low enough to where you should be able to talk while exercising with others.

Lactate and anaerobic threshold

Glucose is burned in 2 ways: Either by aerobic exercise (which primarily focuses on the heart) or by anaerobic exercise (which primarily targets the muscles).

Based upon the values ​​of lactate and anaerobic thresholds the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that is generated can be determined. ATP is a form of energy which is used for all the operating processes in the cells. HIIT leads to a better performance than the changes produced by LiSS. Changes in metabolism are therefore greater than in LiSS workouts because HIIT valuess affect both thresholds. The so-called “afterburn” is higher, resulting in a higher caloric consumption.

LiSS workouts improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of the body, lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and nutrients are banned during training for energy.

The change brings Use

The human body is very adaptable. The more it is exposed to new stresses, the more it will try to adapt. Finding the right balance between the combination of exercise and time is ideal. On days when completed is not a strength training an HIIT workout could be done. Those wishing to run before or after muscle training or endurance training should limit it to LiSS.

The most important thing is that you work out in the first place, doing whatever makes you happy, because then you’ll definitely have the greatest motivation. HIIT is less time-consuming, and seems to be more effective for fat metabolism, but it is much more strenuous. LiSS is not as intense, but time consuming, but the positive effects it provides shouldn’t be ignored.