How Fat Burning Works


The term “fat burning” has become a household word in the fitness industry. Many people want to lose weight, get six pack abs or tighten their body, so naturally burning fat is a popular fitness aim and the focus of many hours of training.

When does the body activate this process? The fact is that the body only turns to it’s fat stores if it needs to. So your body only burns fat when you use up more calories than you consume. This “negative energy balance” can be reached e.g. by driving or combine both less food, more exercise.

More muscles burn more energy

Approximately 60-75% of the energy consumption of our bodies is determined by the basal metabolic rate. Even small increases in BMR can therefore play an important role in weight loss and fat burning. The basal metabolic rate per day can be increased by adding more muscle mass. According to experts, the body consumes about 50 calories more per kilo of added muscle mass per day. Even at rest and during sleep, more calories and fat continue to burn – which makes a great long-term sustainable fat burning solution.

Even after exercise, the basal metabolic rate is increased temporarily. The body remains active for several hours afterwards to replenish the glycogen stores, get rid of waste and build muscle. This so-called post-burning effect is greater than strength training and cardio, and depending on the intensity of the workout, can last up to 72 hours. The more muscle that’s developed, the stronger these fat burning effects are shown.

Fat Burning Exercises

The best exercises for burning fat stores are ones that consume a lot of energy – the motto here is: no sweat, no gain. The easiest way to burn calories is through a workout that utilizes several large muscle groups. Two thirds of the human musculature is located in the legs, buttocks and back.

Strength training is suitable for fat burning in two ways: first, strength training increases muscle mass and BMR, and secondly, the muscles are the largest consumers of energy in the body. The more you work out, the more you’ll burn calories and fat.

To improve fat burning you can invest in classic endurance equipment such as cross trainers, exercise bikes, exercise bikes, speed bike or a treadmill. Depending on the intensity you can burn up to 800 calories an hour.