How to Get a Firm Butt


Men and women – all want a firm butt! Although the shape of the buttocks is partly hereditary (pears vs. apple), the buttocks can be specifically strengthened through numerous exercises and trchniques. The gluteus maximus are the most voluminous muscles of the body and, after the masseters, the second most powerful. They are responsible forĀ  hip extension and stabilize the thighs when stretching. Also the gluteal muscles are involved in leg abduction. Also worth mentioning is that a round butt can also lighten the load of the back. Since the gluteal muscles are extremely important for our movement, targeted training in this area not only makes for a better appearance, it’s uselful as well.

The Crisp-Butt Workout is diverse and can be done by anyone. Depending on the fitness equipment you have at home, you can train your glutes intensively. For beginners, regular stairs are already sufficient to achieve initial success. For all others, squats and lunges with or without barbells and weights are extremely effective. Even without equipment, there are several butt exercises you can choose from, including the butt lift.

But it’s not only strength training that helps create a firmer butt, there are certainly other ways to do so as well. A very popular and a highly fun exercise is to combine a cross trainer and stepper. Due to the stress of the upper leg muscles and glutes, it also leads to a strengthening of specific muscle groups. At the same time you burn through the steps you’re melting stubborn love handles. Just running faster can deliver visible results, since the gluteal muscle is utilized and intensively trained in its most natural form of movement. An alternative to this is roller skating or skateboarding. The best option to successfully get a firm bottom is a sensible combination of strength and endurance training.