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MEDICAL HISTORY (If you are a returning camper, only complete the sections that have changed.)
1. Are you allergic to any medication (aspirin, penicillin, etc.)?
2. Do you take any prescribed medication on a permanent or semi-permanent basis?
3. Do you have a seizure disorder (epilepsy)?
4. Do you have diabetes Adult or Juvenile?
5. Have you ever been found to be anemic (low blood count)?
6. Do you have High Blood Pressure (hypertension)?
7. Do you have asthma?
8. Do you have or have you ever had the following diseases?
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9. Have you ever had a severe neck injury? Describe:
10. Have you ever been knocked out? Describe:
11. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
12. Have you had a broken bone or fracture in the past 2 years? Describe:
13. Have you ever injured your back? Describe:
14. Do you have back pain?
15. Have you had knee pain in the past 2 years that has disabled you for longer than a week? Describe:
16. Do you have other physical conditions which cause pain? Describe:
17. Detail any surgical procedures:
18. What are your goals for the next three months?
19. Have you had your body fat tested?
If yes, what percent is it?
20. Are you training for a specific event? If yes, explain:

NOTICE: It is wise to seek your doctors advice before beginning any health/fitness/nutrition program!

This release is entered into between the undersigned and Illustrative Fitness, its officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, and executors in addition to the City of College Station. The purpose of Illustrative Fitness is to provide fitness instruction and coaching for various levels of athletes/individuals.

The undersigned hereby acknowledge that the following was explained to me and/or agree to the following:

1. Acknowledges that neither Trevor Carney or his staff are physicians and are not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice.

2. Acknowledges that the undersigned has been told if they feel tired, feel pain, or feel out of the ordinary in any way either related to your training, or otherwise, that the undersigned should contact a physician at once.

3. Acknowledges that boot camps, aerobic classes, martial arts, kick boxing, running, weight training, obstacle courses, and any other related sports are an extreme test of one’s mental and physical limits and carry with it potential for damage or loss of property, serious injury, and death. That the undersigned assumes the risks of participating in these types of events/activities including the elements of a natural environment, that they are fit, and they have a regular medical physician they can contact regarding any medical problems that they might develop. The undersigned expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue from any liability of death, disability, personal injury, or action of any kind Illustrative Fitness for the undersigned participating in said sporting events and/or training for said sporting events.

The Undersigned agrees that this is the full agreement between the parties, that Illustrative Fitness and their staff has not verbally contradicted any of the terms of this release and that the undersigned has entered into this agreement free and voluntarily without force or coercion.

Customer client agrees to confidentiality with respect to Illustrative Fitness and all services provided by same. The undersigned agrees to refrain from disclosing, directly or indirectly, any and all aspects of Illustrative Fitness. The undersigned agrees to a non-compete within a 50 mile radius of College Station for a period of 5 years from date of participation.

Checkmark the following:
I agree not to use foul language during Boot Camp. Any violation will result in twenty push-ups per occurrence.

I agree not to eat or say the words coke, butter, sweets, dessert, and sugar during the course of Boot Camp. Any violation will result in twenty push-ups per occurrence. You need to be honest with yourself and us if you want results!!

I agree to show up for Boot Camp every day unless it is an excused absence from my doctor or pre-approved with Boot Camp directors. Any violation will result in twenty push-ups per occurrence.

I understand that photos or video may be taken during the course of my involvement in Boot Camp, which may be used for promotional purposes. I understand that my “before & after” photos will not be used for any promotional purposes unless I give written authorization.

I understand there is no refund policy, but I can receive a credit (for unused portion of camp) towards a future camp if I’m not able to complete the one I originally joined. Camp fees can not be used towards any other products or services provided by Illustrative Fitness.

I will remember to set my alarm and be at camp on time.

I understand that diet and nutrition will effect my fitness goals and performance during boot camp.

I will bring a positive attitude, and expect to have fun!

I agree to all Terms and Conditions listed above.