Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Research has repeatedly shown that people who eat breakfast perform better at work, get less tired during a long working day and have more energy than those who only snatch a cup of coffee while they sprint for the bus.

It stands to reason if you have fasted since supper for a period of 12 or more hours that your blood sugar levels will be at rock bottom when you get up in the morning. You need to replenish your brain to start working efficiently and to give you the energy to face the day at the office.

If you eat fresh fruit, a bowl of cereal (instant oats, hi-fibre bran cereal, or muesli) with dried fruit or honey, and fat-free milk or yoghurt, or whole-wheat toast with a poached egg or fat-free cottage cheese, and have a hot drink for breakfast, you will be more clear headed and energetic for the rest of the day.

If you struggle to eat very early in the morning, have fruit and yoghurt before you leave home, and take the rest of your breakfast along to the office to eat just after you arrive, with your first cup of coffee.